Terms Of Use

  1. Rules


    1. Registration

    § Anybody who registers here has got to accept a few rules.

    § Anybody who registers should be active at the forum (Login or posts within 36 months)

    § After registering you should activate your account within 48 hours via the activation mail. Otherwise the membership will be canceled by the administratior.

    § Anybody who can not be active for a longer time (for what reason ever) should activate the "absent" function in his profile.

    § BEFORE YOU REGISTER: Non-active members (no login) will be reminded after 35 months that there was no activity until that point of time. If you are not active within the next 4 weeks your account will be terminated by a board tool after a total of 60 months of inactivity.

    § Anyone who passes any personal information without knowledge or explicit agreement of any user of this board to third parties its membership will be termiated (deleted). In extreme cases we reserve the right to take further measures within legal means.

    § Registrations with waste-email-addresses are not allowed and will be rejected.

    2. Posting

    § Pay attention where you are writing. If you write in a wrong category your thread will be moved or deleted by the moderators or administrators.

    § If you open a new thread be sure you take a meanigful title.

    § Double posts are nor allowed. Wether in the same nor in different categories. Both posts will be deleted. (The author will be reminded by the administrators.)

    § Copying text passages from other websites is only allowed by quoting particularly text passages from the origin text (and not the whole origin text). You should use the "QUOTE"-button and name the origin author of the text and put a direct link to the origin website. In the case of obvious "text-theft" the administrators and moderators are allowed to delete these text-passages.

    3. content of postings

    § Copied texts/quotes are only allowed if the author gave its explicit permission. The board-member is responsible for its entries in this forum. The board-owner reserves the right to pass along the personal details of the board-member to the author in case of an illegal entry.

    § Direct contact between users should not be held in the forum (except PM or email). Regular answers to posts are certainly desired.

    § PLEASE be polite in your answers. If you loose your temper (e.g. offense or insult) your account will be canceled.

    § The content or part of the content of this website must not be copied, adapted, translated or used comercially without explicit permission of the owner or author. Misuse can be punished by law.

    § Pictures, maps or other material from other websites published here can only be posted here if the poster has the authors permission. If material is posted without it, the Administrator(s), (Super-)Moderator(s) can not be held responsible for the posters action.

    § The Weather-Board-team distances theirselves from any other foreign matierial (pictures, data, programs...) posted by the Weather-Board users. If the team is in doubt of copyright and related rights or has become knowledge of a misuse, the team is to attempt to react correctly by deleting the post and/or the user or to contact the police.

    § The "Wetter-Board" is not liable for any direct or indirect damage and/or claims for compensation.

    4. Attachments

    § Do only quote in pieces and not in whole parts and name the source of your quotation. Also put a link to the source. Always make it clear that you quoted from another source by using the "quote-button" here in your posts. If you don't respect this, the admin, SMod or Mod will delete your post if there is a suspicion of misuse.

    § Do only post your own pictures and/or data if possible!!!

    5. Links and downloads

    § If you link to other websites or quote from other websites, please name the source of the website and/or the author.

    § If you put downloads in the database, please make sure that it is only of your own production. If you want to make a download of foreign sources available, please link to the website and do not make direct download links.

    § Links of illegal or suspicious content will be deleted.

    6. Advertisement

    § Advertisement is only allowed in the column "LINKS" and the thread "Wetter-Seiten im Netz/Weather-Pages in the net". The weather-board-team advises all members to post their advertisement only there.

    § Advertisement is only allowed for pages with weather content (inclusive hardware and software). Other advertisement can be deleted. Before deletion it will be discussed by the board-team.

    § "Advertisement for your own weather homepage in your signature as a banner (max. 468 x 60 px.) are allowed for all members. Every other advertisement in your signature can only be in letters. Please bear in mind that advertisement for weather-forums is not allowed (neither banners nor text). These restrictions do not belong to administrators, moderators or sponsors."

    6.1. Advertisement in the forum: There is an extra category (‘Werbung’ = advertisement) for advertisement in this forum. Therefore the board-team advises all members to post their advertisement there. Advertisement-threads which are posted in the wrong category and do not agree with rule 6.2 will be deleted. Advertisement-threads posted in a wrong category which are marked by the author (e.g. by editing the thread and advising the board team to move the thread into the ‘Werbung’ (= advertisement)-category) and do agree with rule 6.2 will be moved into the category ‘Werbung’ (= advertisement).

    6.2. Rules for advertisement: The advertisement-category is a moderated category which means that your posts will not appear immediately after you click the ‘submit’-button. Your posts will be checked by the administrators/moderators. After that you will be able to see your posting. This is to filter illegal content and prevent misuse.

    You will only be able to advertise at the weather-board here if:

    - you advertise at your page for the weather-board. You can use any banners from the board here. Please tell the administrators/moderators where (on your page) you put your link to us. - you have at least 20 posts.

    Advertisement-postings which are opened intentionally in another category than the moderated ‘Werbung’ will be deleted without any comment. It is also not allowed to newly advertise in already existing advertisement-threads.

    6.3. It is not allowed to misuse your membership only for advertising. If the administrators/moderators have a suspicion that there is a misuse of the membership, the administrator will contact the member (and/or is able to cancel the membership).

    6.4. Advertisement-threads which intend to act actively for the advertised page will be deleted.

    Note: Exceptions are reserved.

    7. Usage of the weather-locator

    § Obviously false data will be erased.

    8. Privacy rules

    § If you visit our pages the following data will be anonymously collected:

    the website where you come from

    the type of browser you use

    the kind of operating system you use

    the date and duration of your visit

    § Legal note due to EU-rules:
    In doing so data are being stored in the form of a cookie on your computer which can be read again on future visits. By clicking on "SEND" you explicitly agree to the above.

    9. Further information

    You want to send us a cease-and-desist warning?

    Please read this indication first:

    § If contents of www.wetter-board.de offend against the rights of thirds or against legal regulations, please send us suitable nonchargeable information. We guarantee to remove correct complained passages or pictures / avatars immediately. To retain a lawyer is not necessary.

    § If you send us a cease-and-desist warning without contacting us first, we will reject it completely. If necessary, we will put forward a counter-claim because of violation of previous named regulations.

    § The rules/conditions of use are subject to change without any preannouncement due to necessities of any kind. On urgent necessities the user can only log into the board if he has read and understood the changes.


    Private note:
    I am sorry to say that during these days it is necessary as a owner of an internet forum to create these kind of rules for to be in line with the law. Therefore I, Patrick Stoor, ask you for your understanding and to respect these rules.


    1. Erweiterte Nutzungsbedingungen

      9. Lizenzhinweise

      § Folgende Genehmigungen wurden dem Wetter-Board bis auf Widerruf schriftlich erteilt:

      - Einbinden der Unwetterkarte des DWD

      - Verwenden der Unwettermeldungen des DWD im Forum

      - Einblenden des Niederschlagradar von WetterOnline

      - Einblenden des Niederschlagradar des ZDF

      - Modelle (max. 2 pro Einheit) von www.Wetter3.de (Live-Einbindung)

      - Das Verwenden von Modellen des Anbieter Wetter3.de für Analysen, etc. (Quelle + Link ist Voraussetzung)

      - Das Verwenden von Modellen des Anbieter Wetterzentrale.de für Analysen, etc. (Quelle + Link ist Voraussetzung)

      - Das Verwenden von Bildern oder Webcambilder des Anbieters http://www.etnatrekking.com ist im Forum gestattet. Voraussetzung ist Nennung von Quelle + Link

      - Das Verwenden von nicht mehr aktuellen Radarbildern und weiteren Webmaterialien des Anbieters Wetteronline.de ist gegen Quelle und Linksetzung für Recherchen oder Analysen gestattet.

      9. Licence concession

      § The "Wetter-Board" has permission of the following content:

      - implementation of the storm-weather map of the DWD

      - implementation of the storm weather warning of the DWD

      - implementation of the rain radar of WetterOnline

      - implementation of the rain radar of the ZDF

      - implementation of weather models (max. 2 per unit) of www.wetter3.de (live stream)

      - The usage of models of www.wetter3.de for forecasts, analysis etc. (source and link is required)

      - The usage of models of www.wetterzentrale.de for forecasts, analysis etc. (source and link is required)

      - implementation of the picture of http://www.etnatrekking.com (source and link is required)

      - The usage of models of Wetteronline.de for forecasts, analysis etc. (source and link is required)

      9. Licenses

      § Les autorisations suivantes ont été transmises par écrit j'usqu'à révocation au Wetter-Board:

      - Insertion de la carte avis de tempète du DWD

      - Utilisation des avis de tempètes du DWD dans le forum

      - Insertion du radar de pluie de WetterOnline

      - Insertion du radar de pluie de ZDF

      - Modèles (max. 2 par unité) de www.Wetter3.de (insertion en directe)

      - L'utilisation de modèles du fournisseur Wetter3.de pour analyses, etc. (l'indiquation de la source + lien en est condition)

      - L'utilisation de modèles du fournisseur Wetterzentrale.de pour analyses, etc. (l'indiquation de la source + lien en est condition)

      - L'utilisation d'images ou images de Webcambilder du fournisseur http://www.etnatrekking.com dans le forum est autorisée sous condition d'indiquation de la source + lien.

      - L'utilisation d'images radar non-actuelles et materiel web du fournisseur Wetteronline.de sous indication de la source et insertion d'un lien est autorisée pour analyses et recherches

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