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    Hi all

    I make a rain detector from this website

    But the electronic design ,it have a small problem ,the buzzer it was very small sound .And i change the circuit ,i add two tranzistor BC 547 styl darligton for make the buzzer more strong

    Here is the website with details .

    And a video


    I make a test if all work good ,touch with my finger the antena,for you see how work it ,before i use it at real lightning strikes (Thunderstorm day)

    PS:djpatrick , sorry but i do not understand the German language. :S

    How i can to found my new ID ??
    Because the old baner it not work in my website

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    Thank you

    Ηi again all

    Today we had thunderstorm at Athens
    It work great

    Here you can see the video with multimeter and graphic

    Here it was the sat picture ,you can observe the 2 small point with thunderstorm clouds one NW at center of Athens ,and other one NE ,after little time 2 two points conection over to Athens with heavy rain and many-many thunder

    Here it is the Graphic

    All the concept it is here

    And here the static electricity data

    Hi again
    Finnaly i buy the multimeter V&A VA18 B

    Very good multimeter ,i make upload unfortunatelly with print screen software the image ,because multimeter software it not have this option to put a file the image ,and automatic i make upload with my FTP .
    niko and thank you ,send to me at personal messages some ways about it.
    But If somebody he knowes about softwares ,to change little the mother software for to save the image in a file for up-load it will be great.

    Here i have the image

    And a small video

    And one photo

    Incredible i do not believe it,today we have thunderstorm 80-100 km west from Athens ,and i see change at μΑ at multimeter ,i wait the range it was 10-20 km but it is very very more I must found a way to up load the data to net ,i thought a multimeter with pc conection .
    You can see the video ,you observe at 0,19 second 0,32 s and 0,55 s the up-down μA ,at the rest 3 min it is stable at 720-730 μA.


    Satellite picture print screen

    Because I see that portable goes well to change and in the house. I decided to make another one above on my roof and with cable in the house and to connect a multimeter in place mA in line with led, and to have it doubly in the console of weather station to see the changes of the static electricity at storms and not only,I will epxeriment of course at sensitivity , perhaps and to change the cable antenna, I thought a round piece aluminium 30 cm diameter and 1 mm, to the present you see in foto the materials that I bought today Waterproof box, blue one ply 1,5 mm diameter for antenna, multimeter digital, PCB, the materials (transistor, led, resistance, battery 9 volt for the detector, power supply 9 volt 500 mA for the supply multimeter, because it battery will finish fast, with patent I will open hole in the multimeter and I will remove cable with nail plug, male jack for the multimeter and cable .

    For today i am finnish the inside part ,and tomorrow i will finish and the conection over to my roof .

    I make a simple static electricity detector ,i want to know at thunderstorm what it show :D

    I decided to put telescopic antenna for better ,the battery i stick with warm glue

    The original concept and design it is from here ,but i use another JFET tranzistor