Fix anemometer problem wrong direction readings La-crose 2300

  • Hi all .
    Before time i had a problem with anemometer, sometimes the day or better some hours at day ,my anemometer is said wrong direction wind i had south wind and it said west or some time north wind ,for some hours at day, after this time all it was again ok .
    For this problem ,the anemometer it have inside 4 photodiode, and all around inside base it have black paint for the sun not come inside ,at some marks the paint it go away, and for this reasons, this sun goes inside to photodiode some hours at day,and for this reasons i had wrong direction wind readings some hours at day.
    I put new black paint for plastic inside anemometer and the problem fix it.

    Here i have some photos for to undestand what i mean

    Here i put out the air speed propelle

    After i put out the 3 screws and i open it ,at orange arrows it is the 4 photodiode.

    And here 2 marks with blue arrows it is the problem without black paint.

    I wish happy new year 2009 to everyone.

    Best regards from Greece

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